Yes, I’m a sucker for Christmas

Oh yes, I’m a sucker for Christmas. Big time. I just LOVE it. I know it’s quite unfashionable, and I know that considered my political and intellectual views I should just join the (totally rightful) chorus of people saying it’s just a commercial entity devised to push us to spend as much as possible, totally monopolised by advertising, utterly consumerist and very far from its religious roots.

That is TRUE.

I know it makes people with no family and friends depressed, and if it was for me, I’d invite them all over for lunch.

HOWEVER, Christmas appeals to the six years old that’s still in me, I literally get excited like a child. I love the preparations, the decorations, making cards, decorating trees, baking, getting together with friends for a meal. I love advent calendars, mince pies, panettone, and fairy lights. I love it that my flat becomes bright and sparkling, and that every passing day there’s a new card or a new present under the tree. I love the excitement of buying a present for someone I love and then of seeing their faces when opening it. There have been years when I had very little money to spend but I’d still like to buy something, however small, that could make them smile.

This gives me immense pleasure. Spending a whole evening making cards for everyone in my family makes me smile. Finding new bubbles for my tree makes me happy. And I’m not ashamed of it.

I love carols. Especially the religious one I must say, because they are old and musically beautiful. I love nativities.

I love seeing children’s excitement, my “new” nephew (he’s not mine, it’s m boyfriend’s but he’s totally adopted me as auntie) counting the days, my little friend Camilla still compiling letters to Santa… I wish I could do the same!!!

There’s something very deep and totally irrational about my personal connection to Christmas that yes, dates back to my childhood and the way my mother has always made it special for us. She still does, because she also has a six years old in her who gets excited about Christmas. And I realise that the older I get the more I’m like her in wanting to fill my house with little sparkling packets, food and decorations. I’m not often sentimental but perhaps this is my little tribute to her.

So go on and be cynical and keep reminding me how boring, capitalistic and fake Christmas is. It’s not all those things for me.

So Merry Christmas to you all, and have a good one.



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