Random thoughts on a very slow bus

Well, in a delirium of totally unjustified self importance (and boredom) I’m sharing my thoughts whilst sitting on a painfully slow bus on my way to a BBC voice over session:

Why does everyone assume women love chocolate? I don’t care about chocolate. It’s all right, but a box of chocolates in my house can last for months and ends up in the bin. I particularly don’t like Nutella or anything too sweet. But give me cheese any time! Who cares about dessert when I can have a pizza?

Full fat milk?? Seriously, lovely coffee shop with New York decor, nice pastries and yummy mummies you’ve got this one wrong! Full fat disappeared from London cafs circa 2003. But hey, the owners are French! (ALERT!!! THIS IS A JOKE. I DONT THINK ALL FRENCH DRINK FULL FAT! gosh it’s hard to deal with people taking the Internet so seriously!)

Remind to self: don’t even consider buying a flat that hasn’t a tube station nearby. Buses are only great if you’re a tourist or a pensioner.

I just saw a shop called Society for the protection of unwanted objects. I love it. I suspect it’s just a charity shop but what a name!

I wonder how much the voice over lady who read all the bus stops was paid.

Despite everything London’s great. People saying the opposite can’t get its spirit. Only London (and New York) offer you such an amazing selection of diversity in food, art, culture, architecture, theatre, nationalities, nature and social strata. London is a metonym for the world. You might not like aspects of it – weather, transport, frenzy – but you can’t hate it without somehow hating a part of yourself.

Tattoos and nail painting is soo noughties!

I downgraded half of my Facebook contacts to aquientences so now I don’t see their posts anymore. It’s so much better. And the proof they were never friends in the first place. Yes yes, I’m sure it’s mutual and they’re happy not to read mine. Remind to self: never add people you don’t really like to your Fb contacts.

The next bus stop is not in use… F…!%?!


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