Copy and paste – no thanks

Not a day goes by when one of my Facebook contacts doesn’t post a chinese-cookie style status claiming they love the world, they’re grateful for people in their lives, they care for cuddly animals, they want to protect children, save the panda, hug their neighbours or build a house for all their acquaintances to live in, challenging everyone to copy and paste said status in order to prove they’re equally involved with the energy of the universe and that they’re “real” friends. They should copy and paste and of course challenge their friends to do the same hence producing a chain as toxic as the St Antony’s we used to get in the post on the 80s (copy and send this to ten people and you’ll get rich. Stop the chain and something awful will happen!)
Some even go further by not only asking to copy and paste but also mention something, like where you met, their favourite colour, what you love about them and other useless detail somebody with a lot of time to waste came up with.

I usually ignore such posts and often hide them. I NEVER, ever, do the copy and paste.


Copy and paste of totally unoriginal sentimental stuff makes me cringe.

Quotes about love and the universe make me want to read Schopenauer.

Public declarations of overwhelming joy and devotion provoke in me an equally overwhelming desire to run somewhere far and isolated.

Call me cynical.

When I feel something for a person, I tell them (them, not Facebook) and if I believe in a cause, I act for that cause. I don’t copy and paste some random person’s soapy thought. Because it doesn’t MEAN anything. Come on, you want to be sentimental in public, at least come up with your own words for goodness’ sake! I stopped copying quotes in my diary when I was 16.

And why demanding such public declarations of loyalty on Facebook when in life you don’t bother? What’s about Facebook that makes everyone sentimental? Or is it that as usual, people are broadcasting their lives on social networks, creating an image for themselves and that image is the perfect friend, brother, husband and citizen who “cares” about stuff and get indignant if everyone else doesn’t.

Sorry but I don’t buy it.

I don’t need to publicly announce I’m honoured and mived to have my friends, because my friends, the real ones, would think I’d gone mad and call an ambulance. We don’t do cheap sentimentality because we dont need it, we “know”. It’s so much more fun to take the p… at each other!

My friends, the real ones, won’t judge my loyalty on the basis of what I copy and paste on my wall. This because my friends tend to be over the age of 15. Teenagers break friendships because one doesn’t like their music or those amazingly deep lyrics they composed. Adults tend to take other qualities into consideration.

But Facebook make us all act like self centered, ipersensitive adolescents.

I hate conformism. I hate being told what to do. I don’t need to prove anything.


You can keep your copying and pasting. It’s probably fun I’ll continue cutting and binning them with gusto.

Peace and love


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