Poetry for a penny

The local beggar at Archway tube is giving out poems.
On a pink piece of paper, sealed, so you cant check its content unless you donate.
I’ve heard of poems ON the Undergound, they are the verses by famous writers that appear in frames on the tube’s carriages next to the adverts for car insurance and ski holidays. But poems OUTSIDE the underground? That’s quite a first.

Now, there are two possibilities, either the beggar is a great poet who has drunk his life away like Baudelaire and we must encourage him. Or he’s a potential “Mad man”, his poems are rubbish but he’s using them as a marketing strategy.

Have we reached a society in which beggars need marketing?
Or a society in which great poets need begging?

Either way it’s not a good sign.
Perhaps we should just donate fifty pence no matter what.


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