Early mornings…

One discovers interesting things when taking an early morning train via bank.

– British female office workers have an inexplicable attraction for black ballerina shoes that in the rest of the world are only worn by 11 years olds. WHY?? Yes, I get it, they want something comfy to travel to work with before stepping into heels once in the office, but what’s wrong with boots, flat platforms, stringed closed shoes, even trainers? They are proper, adult, winter shoes. But ballerinas? With little bows at the front? Apart from every other consideration, it’s freaking freezing today and with those soles it’s like walking barefoot on the pavement… But hey, I must be missing something here because they are everywhere. It’s like an uniform. You can tell clerks by their plain black suits (come on girls, aren’t you bored out of your minds?) and ballerinas. Worn even when it rains, snows or, like today, the perceived temperature is -3C.
I imagine trying to persuade an Italian woman to go out on those. Not even under torture…
I’m not saying it’s necessarily a good thing. The fact that Milan’s metro in the morning resembles a catwalk, such is the general effort in being well dressed, probably means we don’t have our priorities sorted out.
Still… Ballerinas?????? There must be a better solution to being fashion obsessed than looking like a frozen school girl.

– Mothers using public transport for their school run are even more unbearably proprietaral than usual. Honestly, you have kids. Great. It’s stressing. I get it. But why do you feel entitled to push your kid (and her huge rucksack) through the carriage, stepping on everyone’s foot without apologising and forcing the rest of us into a dangerous balancing act? You don’t entice sympathy you provoke rage. Which is bad for the kid to watch.

– No actors are on sight at 8am. Usually I live in a world in which every time I’m on public transport, in a cafe or in the street I meet actors. I feel stalked. But before 10am NOT one single person reading a script is to be found. Amazing.
On the contrary when I got the tube back at 8pm it was full of drama students on a night out. Nothing is more annoying than a group of wannabe thespians. Especially when drunk and feeling very special. This lot for instance spent the journey shouting about Judy Dench’s show, singing musical tunes and reciting random lines from play. Guys, next time why not wearing a sash saying “I’m an AC-TOR!!!”? You know, just in case you’re current behaviour wasnt obnoxious enough. Besides, you’re not actors yet, you’re wannabes, the real things play drop words in silence.

– I hate early mornings. And I should feel more privileged that I’m not faced every day with black ballerinas, pushy mums and a deafening lack of actors



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