THE RETURN (Il Ritorno)

THE RETURN (Il Ritorno).
Another year another show…

The Return, the first ever English translation of the award winning play by Sergio Pierattini is opening at the Camden Fringe Festival on the 24th of August.
More details to come!

THE RETURN – trailer

A family in industrial northern Italy.

A daughter returning home after a long absence.

A dark secret…


Humour, drama and social commentary mix in this tragi-comic portrait of contemporary Italy, where traditional values are threatened and old ideals have collapsed.

THE PLAY:  THE RETURN premiered in Milan in 2008, winning the Critics’ Award for new writing. It’s set in Bergamo, in the kitchen of a family, whose daughter has returned from a long absence. She’s on parole, having spent seven years in prison for the death of her fiancée, a Moroccan immigrant employed by her father. The seriousness of the material, and its commentary on intercultural relations, is juxtaposed with darkly humorous dialogue, and a creeping sense of claustrophobia to capture the disintegration of the traditional family.

THE SHOW: directed by Becka McFadden and performed by an Italian cast, in English, this world premiere show is the result of a two-year collaboration between Pierattini and translator Matt Morrison

THE COMPANY: Dedicated to the creation of innovative, theatre that explores issues affecting contemporary societies, LegalAliens strives to create a body of work that speaks to their own experience as “aliens” in the UK. Their central ambition is to contribute to more frequent performances of European plays that address universal themes transcending national borders. LegalAliens’ work has attracted the attention of such acclaimed theatre artists as Dario Fo, who comments:  “Their starting point, the themes and the way they embrace the stage are definitely to be encouraged.”

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