Flash blog 4

I’m reading that the underwear company La Senza is going bust. Which prompts me to speak of an issue that’s been bothering me for years:

PYJAMAS: are the perfect ones the holy Grail?
And: isn’t it strange how each country has its own specific night wear?

In Italy, women’s pyjamas are sold in the following categories:
– “I’m a ten year old”: with teddy bears, furry cats, ducks, spotty cows and hearts. I mean, please… Go to bed wearing a spotty cow and you’ll have to be dating a perv in order to get any interest. Spotty cows and furry cats are the grave of love. And no, wearing the same nightwear as your 7 year child old isn’t cool, it’s freaky.
– Granny. Or: I’m about to go to hospital and I need a pale pink baggy flannel thing. If spotty cows are the grave of love, granny pink is Tutankhamen’s mummification.
– Porn star: The only alternative to go to bed dressed like you’re ready for convent seems to be wearing lacy, tasteless, uncomfortable, see through babydolls. But we all know it: in Italy women are still seen as either nuns or whores.

So what do pyjamas tell us about women in the UK? Here’s what I see:
– porn star: this style seems universal. Why can’t any designer come up with sexy underwear that doesn’t make you look like a hooker is beyond me. The difference is in Britain the quality is cheaper.
– backpacker/student dorm resident. Checked flannel bottoms and any random t-shirt, this is a style that screams “I’m sharing accommodation with 5 other people” or “I’m drunk most of the time so I can’t be bothered to differentiate between night wearing and day clothes.” This look is only attractive if you’re Jennifer Aniston aged 21, after which it is just scruffy. And possibly smelly too.
– it’s always summer. English high streets do offer some nice pyjamas, cute but with no spotty cows, sexy but with no porn attached… Pity they tend to be sleeveless, light cotton and with shorts as bottoms. Even in winter. WHY???? Am I the only woman on earth that requires warm nightwear?? Even when the bottoms are made of nice warm snuggy material, the top would always be a vest. What’s wrong with you?? Is the top if your body living in a different climate than the bottom? This is England, you fools, it’s never hot at night. Produce LONG SLEEVED PYJAMAS TOPS!!

As usual, thoughts and comments welcome, especially from my American and German readers.


4 thoughts on “Flash blog 4

  1. I’m a italian reader, but I enjoy very much your blog, and this post is very funny! And true.
    Lately I can find some nice pyjamas to the Intimissimi store. I told it to my husband (like a hidden suggestion for future presents).
    Ok, he went to Intissimi for Christmas but I could find that: a dotted red flannel pyjama with a reindeer on. :-((
    I started thinking there is something wrong between the two of us!!!
    Have a nice day e carry on writing, your posts are very nice!

  2. Nadia, the same thing happened to me! Last year I did see some good pyjamas at Intimissimi, so when my mum asked what I wanted for Christmas I mentioned it. But they have changed their style since last year so I ended up with the reindeer too!! Luckily my sister needed underwear, so I gave it to her and she went back to the shop and exchanged it with some bras!

  3. Girls! the answer is BURDA! let’s sew our own pyjamas!
    Anyway I agree with you that there is lots of “space for improvement” in European night-dress fashion!

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