Flash blog 1

Since I’m on a long tube journey to Chiswick (nice place but the District line? Please…) I’m going to add some short flash blogs inspired by today’s Metro newspaper

An IPad was dropped from a weather balloon flying at 30.000 meters from Earth to prove its case is unbreakable… Great. First of all: who’s currently living 30.000 meters from earth and needs to be assured their iPad won’t break if they dropped it?
Second: what if the iPad had fallen on somebody’s head and break THAT? I’m sure Apple accolytes will say whats one human life compared to the reassurance your beloved tablet could live forever? was there a iPod-catcher ready to catch the fallen object from the sky with a baseball glove?
Anyway apparently Apple has urged iPad owners not to try “intentionally dangerous stunts” at home. Which says a lot about the high opinion in which the company holds its customers!


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