Nothing is better than bad…

I have a survey for you:

You don’t want to spend money. Or you have no time to buy presents. So what’s best to give at Christmas: NO present or CRAP present?

Please… vote… NOW!!!!!!!!


Results? Let me know! Because my point of view is that if one doesn’t have ANY money, the best thing to do is to honestly tell your friends this year you can’t afford presents and that you’re just going to give them a card.

And if you don’t have money for cards, make one!

Cards are lovely. Cards are nice. Cards… are better than anything looking like it’s been find inside a Kinder egg.

Yes, true, the thought is what matters. But which kind of thoughts lie behind a pink, plasticky foldable shopping bag with poppy prints?  It doesn’t exactly scream “I saw this and thought of you”, does it?

The list of crap presents I’ve received through the years include:

– Hello Kitty handkierchief

– single napkin holder

– shower cap

– tissues holder

– Manga themed handkierchief (what’s this thing with handkierchives?? WHO uses them??)

– Plastic bracelet

– Plastic pendant

– a key ring in the shape of a mini fluffy bull

– foldable plastic shopping bag

– plastic thingy you attach to mobile for no purpose

– carillon

– huge blue candle looking like the monolite from Space Odyssey

– hair clips with fuit on it

– fridge magnet

Honestly, only three years old get enthusiastic in front of a sparkling piece plastic. Most grownups can tell a recycled gift from the distance. Nobody needs paperholders, chipped chalk angels or ugly candles. And virtually everyone can spot something bought from Poundland, Familydollar, or a Chinese supermarket.

And how are you supposed to react to such gifts?

“Oh, I always wanted a Hello Kitty handkerchief!”

“What an amazing skull shaped candle, my sitting room was really missing some gothic touch!”

“I’ve been looking for a single green napkin holder for ever, thank you so much!!!

The suspicion is, when you receive such presents, not that the giver is in financial trouble, but that they truly don’t like you that much. That they think you’re an idiot with no taste who can be fooled by a piece of junk like a savage in the jungle.

So please, if you want to save money, or have no time to go out and muy presents, just leave it for this year. Your real friend will still love you. And those who won’t, well, they were not real friends in the first place, and they DID deserve that inflatable pig you were thinking of buying them!




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