The King is naked

I’m sorry I haven’t posted for a while.

Yesterday I thought I’d be back to my blog with some funny entries about my holidays and multiculturalism on the Lake District, but I had to change my mind and ask you to wait for those while, once again, I express my disgust at Silvio Berlusconi.

First of all, well done Supreme Court: the infamous “Lodo Alfano”, the law proposed by the PM’s supporters that would have given Berlusconi immunity, was yesterday rejected as anti-constitutional. And so it should be, I mean, even pure and simple common sense can see how absurd and undemocratic the idea of a Prime Minister immune from persecution would be. Berlusconi’s supporters – who tend to behave like worshippers rather than thinking people – say it’s a scandal, that the Prime Minister is too busy with important things to waste his time in a courtroom.

Sorry? I don’t get the argument here. A Prime Minister should dedicate his time to govern and improve his country, true, which is WHY perhaps people who have pending trials SHOULDN’T run for Prime Minister and most definitely SHOULDN’T be voted. Most Italians at the past elections thought nothing of the many charges against “Saint Silvio” and placed their trust in his great “talent” as a statesman (which he still has to prove, considering the whole world treats him as a clown, but of course Silvio’s people refuse to read the foreign press, they’re all a bunch of communists, even the Times, even Sarkowzy and Angela Merkel. Yes, right…)

Anyway, going to back to what I was saying, yes, a Prime Minister should govern undisturbed, but it’s up to him to know his life is so transparent nobody can start digging into his past and find huge skeletons. Being Prime Minister shouldn’t mean one becomes untouchable and beyond the law. Quite the opposite, a Prime Minister, as the representative of a whole country should make sure to abide the law in every single detail of his life, in order to give the good example. He’s more tied to it than a private citizen. If a private citizen breaks the law, they’re punished, no matter whether they’re unemployed, heart surgeons or top politicians. No matter whether they have more important things to do for the community. How can they serve the community when they don’t respect its rules? How can Berlusconi expect the Italian people to abide the law, when they see their Prime Minister breaking it and getting away with it?

But perhaps that’s what Berlusconi really wants. To discredit the law. His despise for the judges has always been open, and after yesterday it’s turned into a war. This is disgraceful for democracy. Even more disgraceful and abominable is his attack towards the President of the Republic. It means he doesn’t respect the basics of the Italian constitution. He doesn’t get its democratic fundamentals. He screams that all judges are communist, and his worshippers repeat it after him. It’s ridiculous. You can’t accuse a judge of being impartial just because he rules against you. The Prime Minister has to show respect for the judicial system. But Berlusconi thinks he’s above the law, he’s sick in the head, in his mind he’s a fabulous Roman Emperor whose role is to lead Italy to its past splendors, surrounded by a cheering crowd and by a series of naked young women.

He believes in his greatness to the point of thinking it gives him total immunity. He can do as he pleases, say what he pleases, and whoever disagrees has to shut up or face consequences. But his crazy dream isn’t what happens in a democratic republic, his crazy dream is a scene from “Caligula”. But despite his power, despite his presence on every TV channel, despite his rants against the “communists” (where are the communists in Italy, somebody must explain to me, as I want to meet them and give them a WWF badge – they’re far rarer than Pandas nowadays, even Fidel is about to die…), Italy has proved once again that it’s not just “il paese dei campanelli”, a happy-go-lucky country where people are happy to forget their brains in exchange for PANEM AND CIRCENSES. And when all hope seems lost, this country gets back on its feet and starts fighting. Berlusconi with his behavior has signed his own condemnation. He has managed to operate a miracle: he’s forced the Left to get together in a united front. The Left parties are terrible at getting on when it’s time to govern, but God they’re good at opposition! And Silvio is making them stronger by the day. After his attacks against the “red” judges and the Communist President of the Republic, he has openly offended Rosy Bindi during a TV debate, saying she was more “beautiful than intelligent”. For my foreign readers, Rosy Bindi is 60, overweight and notoriously unattractive. With his words that swine who calls himself Prime Minister has managed to imply she’s ugly and also stupid. Which is undeniably a very mature, politically deep, articulate way to close an argument. Shut up you ugly bitch, he practically said. And, even worse, one of his “lieutenants”, also present during the TV show, while Rosy Bindi was speaking yelled, “you’re an acid spinster”. The level of the debate in Berlusconi’s circles is always very intellectual… Now, after all the scandals with the escorts, pin up girls etc etc, Berlusconi should have learned to respect women – at least in public – but no, of course. He obviously thinks that any female who isn’t blond, slim and adoring should just disappear.

At every passing day a bit more of his real character is revealed. His megalomania is now totally undisguised. His disrespect for the institutions open. His paranoid belief in his sex appeal and in his right to treat women like geishas openly thrown at the world. He’s sick, he’s obviously lost it.

Then my question is, why do people keep supporting him? Why do people in his party prefer to cover their eyes and ears, accept what are clearly the angry rants of a seventy-plus millionaire who wants to rule the world, rather than get together and GET RID OF HIM? Why don’t they support Giancarlo Fini, the only intelligent mind in the Right? I’ll never vote Fini, but I have the greatest respect for the man. Italy at least won’t be the world’s laughing stock if he took Berlusconi’s place. The Left parties will have no common enemy anymore and will start fighting each other again. I’m suggesting this against my own interest… Right wing voters, please wake up! Have you been hypnotized? This is truly scary. I have incredibly smart, strong, independent female friends who still want to defend Berlusconi and his behavior with women. I know some very law-abiding, serious, motivated men who think the Lodo Alfano should have passed… What’s happening to you? What are you scared of? Are you terrified of loosing your big guy with the big fake reassuring smile who was going to make you all as rich as him? He’s the Wizard of Oz!

He’s made of smoke!

He’s deluded you all.

There’s nothing behind his façade. Just emptiness!

You’ve all turned into munchkins!

But you can return to being human beings if you want. Just say it. Go away. Back somebody else, anyone else! Honestly, this is a dream. A nightmare.

It’s like in the Emperor’s new clothes, they don’t want to admit the King is naked. But he is! He is, and they can see it but still they pretend he’s wearing gold! Please, stop this farce. The King is naked (yuk).

Now, let’s get serious, elect somebody else and allow Silvio to rot in prison. But perhaps that is also a dream…


2 thoughts on “The King is naked

  1. Yesterday I thought: “sometimes dreams may come true!”. I was incredibly satisfied. And…I don’t know why …but I felt you would write something about this.
    I was so angry with that”face” that I have been avoiding watching Italian Tv programmes or Tv news because it was IMPOSSIBLE not to “stumble” on him each moment. Now, since yesterday, I’ve been listening to and watching any news I could. Italy can become a better country, then. I can go on hoping … Fingers crossed!

  2. Personally I see consequences also il Silvio leaving: just for a start the economic situation is bad and is probably going to get worse. To go away now would be perfect for him, to not be found guilty of the disaster. It would be his successor’s fault. Too easy. SO, I couldn’t say what is the best thing that can happen.Maybe an ALIEN INVASION would do.
    What I’d point out is that in this occasion he completely lost his mind, he was livid, I tell you,he said these exact words “A me queste cose mi caricano, agli italiani gli caricano, viva l’Italia, viva Berlusconi” which should sound like “I get the kick out of these things, italians get the kick too, horray for Italy, horray for Berlusconi”. What can I say? Amazing.

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