the (old and corrupted) prince and the dancer (and Italian women’s chilling silence)

There’s no need to tell the story in detailis because everyone knows it:

ACT 1) infamous Prime Minister Berlusconi first tries to candidate to the European elections some young ladies whose only proven experience is appearing on TV in a bikini, posing for calendars and chanting the PM’s great political abilities while displaying their big boobs. Of course he immediately accuses the “communist press” of mistanderstanding his intentions. He’s only trying to prove that for a woman being beautiful doesnt mean necessarily being stupid, so his is a noble attempt at “emancipation”. Yes, right. Pity there are women with the right kind of age and experience out there who’d never make it to the Parliament because they don’t have a nice booty to shake…  Berlusconi’s wife publicly defines her husband’s latest trend as “shameless trash, whose only aim is to entertain the emperor…” She adds that women can be beautiful or ugly, it doesn’t matter. By displaying women’s curves and bodies in the Parliament, this government discredits all those women who have been working hard. It is an insult to women’s credibility

act2) Berlusconi makes a inexplicable appearance at a 18 years old’s birthday (so far he’s been unable to give a good enough reason for being there) by the name of Naomi Letizia (sounds like a homeopathic remedy). He gave her a golden pendant as a present (for the naughty ones among you, “golden pendant” is not an euphemism, it’s a real kitch piece of jewelry) The following day his wife publicly asks for a divorce.


 Good for her. High time. The following week, to discredit the ex first lady, some magazines owned by Berlusconi published old photos of Mrs Berlusconi posing topless (she used to be an actress, and despite the sexy pics, she actually did lots of good theatre). The man is classy.

Of course the public opinion’s reaction was to speculate about the kind of relationship Silvio has with the young girl, with theses on Noemi spanning from secret lover to secret daughter. In the meantime Noemi (who might be young but is screwed as an old fox and, like most modern teenagers, is obsessed with fame and success) releases an interview declaring she’s known “papi Silvio” since she was little, that they spend time together, that he confides in her and has given her many presents. She says papi Silvio will help her become a showgirl or a politician (there’s obviously not much difference between the two).

Berlusconi, as usual, started shouting and accusing nasty lefties of conspiring against him, brainwashing his wife and making insulting innuendos. He says Naomi Letizia is just the daughter of an old friend. Still, he doesn’t do the only thing that could put a clear end to this pathetic mess: explaining how he knows the girl’s father (who is a clerk earning 12.000 euros a year, and whom nobody in Naples political entourage seems to know) and why he’s so keen on the girl.

To be honest, Berlusconi disgusts me to such a degree, I almost don’t care. What I think is worth considering though is which kind of youth Italy has been producing, and which kind of values most families have. Naomi Letizia aged 17 did a photoshoot in very seductive poses, hoping to break into showbusiness and possibly be chosen for a calendar… Great. But this nice provincial girl didn’t do all this behind mammy’s back, as a sort of rebellion towards a conformist society. No. Mamy and dad went with her. Her father even paid for her plastic surgery (how can a 12K a year clerk afford plastic surgeons, photo shoots and designer clothes for his daughter, I don’t know). Posing half naked has become as conformist and middle class as study holidays in England. ..

1240932321058_001If a girl wants to be an actress, and her family supports her dream, that’s nice. They should gather help her applying for drama school, perhaps pay for acting lessons rather than fake lips (I have a theory: Naomi Letizia doesnt exist. It’s a photo-montage, produced by nasty communists and obtained by combining different people’s fake features. Everything in her body looks so artificial she must be synthetic) But of course studying is such a waste of time, and Naomi – and the other wannabes like her – can’t let the world wait for so long! So let’s hang on to “papi Silvio”, whatever their relationship is, and he’ll make it happen for her in change of whatever she or her very suspicious family might offer.

Some right wing newspapers tried to paint Letizia’s family as a normal, nurturing, nice middle class family. If this is what average middle class parents teach their teenagers in Italy, I really want to cry.

And it gets worse. A reporter from RAI went to Naomi’s secondary school to interview her teachers. Did they look appalled at Naomi’s behaviour and sexy photos? No, of course. They giggled and say the photos were photoshopped because she’s not that curvy. The reporter asked what they thought of Naomi’s friendship with Berlusconi, and one of them replied: well, it’s lucky to know somebody that powerful. The reporter pressed on: what do you mean? And the teacher: well, it’s normal. He can help her. We all wish we knew somebody powerful because it makes your life easier. If you have an uncle who’s a doctor you jump the queue, no? It’s normal.

Yes. It’s normal. In country where democracy and equal rights are still a chimera and the only sure and well known way to have a career is by being “recommended” by a “friend”. That a TEACHER should say that though means that even school has given up on trying to push young people to learn, experience and grow through hard work and study. Studying  is for those poor sods who aren’t “lucky” enough to have a “friend.”

A journalist friend of mine said that Berlusconi will come out even more powerful from this “affair” because, despite the Vatican, Italy isn’t a puritanical country and the idea of an old man cracking dirty jokes in the arms of a young pretty girl appeals to Italian men’s machismo. I do hope Italian men are better than that. Please……………..

Miss Letizia, far from being embarrassed, is now ready to shoot a movie (her second, her “debut” being a short where she plays chess with a Mafioso, pouting her fake lips and sulking), even though her real dream is to take part in a reality show.

The most idiotic among Berlusconi’s supporters even said that whoever despises Naomi must be some ugly old lesbian who’s just envious of young beautiful women. There’s a Facebook page in support of “poor Naomi and all the nice looking girls with big dreams who get nothing but envy”. I like young girls with dreams. In fact, I like old girls with dreams. I like dreams ful stop. And ambitions and people who are truly driven. But I personally would MUCH MUCH MUCH rather hang myself than have Berlusconi as a “papi” and pose for a calendar. My personal idea of hell is appearing in a reality show even just to fart at Simona Ventura.

Now, are Italians appalled at this story and its ludicrous protagonists? No, with the exception of La Repubblica’s readers and the few TV journalists and personalities – including Veronica Berlusconi, bless her – who are trying not to let the issue being forgotten.

Have Italian women gone down into the streets protesting against the troglodyte culture inculcated  into young women’s brains, thanks to our trash TV and press? No. The silence coming from young women is chilling and scaring. This is the way it is. Naomi is clever. She’s exploiting a system that is exploiting women. She’s hungry for fame and she’s getting it, no matter whether it won’t last longer than a summer, since she has no talent, experience nor preparation. In papi Silvio’s golden empire, she can become an eternal muse, simply because he says so.

Naomi’s disgusting story basically means not only we deserve Berlusconi, but that we should stop bothering with elections altogether and simply declare him our everlasting Emperor, because there’s no hope. THERE’S NO HOPE and you know why? Because young people accept all this. Even worse, WOMEN ACCEPT ALL THIS. Young women in Italy want to become showgirls. “Veline”, “letterine”. Because that’s the way to power. No matter nobody will ever take them seriously, because nobody will be able to really respect them and see them as human beings rather than pieces of flesh. Fame is the only God. And Power its Prophet.  They don’t seem to realise that they’re not using the system, the system is using them. They cant see, for example, that nobody will ever really respect the Minister for Equal Opportunities Mara Carfagna, no matter how hard she tries. She became minister out of the blue, after appearing on semi-erotic calendars and on daytime TV. She claims she’s studied since the days of the calendar, that she attended party meetings and political gatherings. But we all know that had she been unknown and ugly, she would never be minister at the age of 32. She wasn’t nominated DESPITE being sexy and famous. She was nominated BECAUSE she was sexy and famous.

Many silly young women like Naomi, and the average Berlusconi’s voter, look at Carfagna and see the proof that the only teaching worth following is “if you have it, flaunt it”. “If you can have plastic surgery, go for it.” “If you can use your body, exploit it, shake your bum and show your tits and smile. Open your legs and you’ll get higher and higher.” But Mrs Berlusconi was right. This culture is only an insult to women’s brain, hard work and intellect. We’re stuck in the middle ages, thanks to Emperor Silvio and his court of buffons.

Italian women should start making their voices heard. I’m so angry about this situation I want to scream. Or ask for a British passport. At least the ones who don’t think like Naomi should follow our ex Mrs Berlusconi and say something! There must be some intelligent beings left out there. React, for God’s sake, or we’re going to slip into the middle ages! Should Naomi, or anyone like her, appear on TV, boycott her! Stop watching programs with half naked women on it. Don’t read gossip magazines about them. They’re the result of a rotten culture, it’s fascism of the soul. Talk to your men. Your lovely men who still think whores are fun to watch, even though they will always marry nuns. This is the 21st century! Naomi shouldn’t appear anywhere, ever. All the “papies” in the world will have to understand that they can’t go on playing with women as if they were Barbies. But the only way to do that is to stop looking and behaving like Barbies.

Really. Wake up. Barbie is 50 years old, has fake hair and no genital organs. Is it really what you wish for yourselves???


4 thoughts on “the (old and corrupted) prince and the dancer (and Italian women’s chilling silence)

  1. Dear Lara,
    You can’t imagine how much sympathy your words find in me. I do sympathize with your feelings of anger and disappointment, but, please, don’t tell me I deserve Berlusconi. I can’t stand him and to avoid remembering I am Italian and HE is my Prime Minister I watch Italian TV as less as I can nor read Italian newspapers.
    I am a teacher and as a teacher I know many girls, most of my students are 18/19-year-old girls (LICEO CLASSICO E SCIENTIFICO). Many of my female students are very hard working, with very important plans for their future, very intelligent and sensitive. My worst and silliest students are generally boys, many of them are fond of Berlusconi and very shallow young people.
    So I can assure you that I try to educate all of them to analyse, understand, criticize the reality around them but it’s not at all easy. Our rival is … the TV of the reality shows.
    Do you want to know some of the special young people I know?
    Have a look at this post of mine, if you’ve got the time.

    • well, my was a provocation and I’m very relieved to read your comment and find out there are still a) intelligent teachers b) intelligent students. Problem is, everytime I start this kind of discussions, I’m surrounded by people who agree with me and who have made very clever and moral life choices. People who despise the current Italian (UN)cultural trend and who are hard working and talented. So my question is: if there are so many of us… WHO THE HELL ARE THE ONES WHO VOTE FOR BERLUSCONI????

  2. Not ME! I feel I’m surrounded by people who don’t dare admit they did it, but anyway, I’m glad I know some – the best people among my friends and acquaintences- who can’t stand him. He is so popular in Italy and is ANYWHERE! Sort of Big Brother , the ORwellean one, I mean! HElp!
    Maria Grazia

  3. In Italy we have to struggle every day to face the crunch-crises. All alone, everyone of us in our own way. No one else will do it. And we have time for nothing else.
    Anyway, feel confident!! “Italy is not a country of dead people” said Roberto Benigni a month ago when in London to perform his Dante’s show (have you seen it?)

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