stress relief device for foreigners in Britain

This isnt my idea.

My friend Becka, who, like me, is often frustrated by the attitude some British people display (especially when dealing with foreigners), came up with a truly incredible invention, that will provide great relief to all those foreigners living in the UK who, at some point in their expat lives, have wished they could smash a Brit’s face in order to wash off their smugness, sense of superiority, out-of-place cynism and truly unbearable certainty they’re the only people in the world with innate sense of humour. So often in my 10 years in London I’ve felt the overwhelming  desire to shout “Get over yourselves! you lost your Empire a century ago! you’re a small country with crap weather and the highest percentage of teeneage pregancies in Western Europe… You’re nothing special. Welcome to the world!”

Well, Becka’s device will help all those poor souls who feel the same.
I think it’s so cool she should present it to Dragon’s Den and ask for 100K to produce it on a large scale.

Ready? Here it is…

WHACK-A-BRIT – a fun social game for frustrated ex-pats


“All of the experiences I’ve had here have given me a wonderful idea for a stress-relieving device for expats in britain: Whack-a-Brit. It’s based on the arcade game Whack-a-Mole (not sure if this exists outside the US – basically, it’s a table w/holes in it and moles pop out of the holes and you hit them with a big hammer thing and it gets faster and faster), only instead of moles, you’d have various obnoxious-Brit stereotypes: football hooligan, self-righteous yummy mummy, snooty shop girl, officious border control officer, etc. There could even be a customizable line that would let you buy clothes and hats, etc. so that you could dress the Brits in the outfit of your choice.”

Now, isn’t that a WINNER?
Should you be interested in ordering a prototype, please get in touch and I’ll pass the order to Becka. We’re planning to market it by word of mouth to start with, and then proceed to proper advertising.
Please let us know your opinions, suggestions, amends, etc…


2 thoughts on “stress relief device for foreigners in Britain

  1. Ciao, in Italia il gioco si chiama Acchiappa la talpa, e o ovviamente noi ne abbiamo una versione casalinga a pile, divertentissima! auguri per il nuovo business, i clienti non mancheranno!

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