random thoughts…

As I dont have time to write a proper post I’m going to ramble about things I’ve heard or read about recently… Please tell me what you think!

I read in the paper today that sadness makes you stronger. Apparently “scientists” (who are the phantomatic anonymous scientists who are mentioned every time a journalist comes up with something totally idiotic???) claim that a bout of depression could be good for the soul — it may bring misery to its sufferers, but it can also leave them more resilient. So basically depression is a defence mechanism. It has simply adapted in the human species to give us long term benefits. It can also spark creativity. If that’s the case I should by now be strong enough to live until 120 and so creative the next Pulitzer for literature is only a matter or time…

Gabriele Muccino’s film has been welcomed by the worst reviews in the history of the cinema. How come I’m not surprised??? All Muccino’s film so far have been soappy, predictable, corny, sentimental and not particularly well shot. Just the average B movie you might might find on tv on a Tuesday night when there’s nothing else on… He doesnt seem able to come with an interesting, original story or with a character who isn’t so sugary you want an anti-diabetes tablet. So my question is, why is he the only Italian director in the past 20 years who’s managed to work in Hollywood? Why him? Italian cinema might not be in great shape, but for sure there are some very good, talented, original directors there, who actually have something to say. Martone, Lucchetti, Giordana… It’s so rare nowdays for Italians to reach the international scene. How frustrating that people abroad should think Muccino is the best we can come up with… Even though he’s probably the perfect product of the Berlusconi’s culture. Like Monica Bellucci… Totally beautiful and utterly talentless. People who are just appearance and no subtance.  

London is so beaitiful in mid January, after the Christmas frenzy and the sales  are over, the tourists have gone back home, and the city is delivered back to its residents. The West End was almost empty last Sunday when I went out to go to the theatre, the air was warmer, St Martin’s bells rang… For once I didn’t have to elbow my way through people, I could walk at a slower pace… THe news say calm is bad for the economy, shops are empty, bank are collapsing, people are loosing their jobs, the bubble Britain has been living in for two decades has blown… But perhaps it was high time this happened, I dont mean the job losses but the discovery that this country’s “strong economy” was totally based on an illusion, funded as it was by private debt. The truth is always bound to come out, and now that’s out, we can all breath and stop pretending. It was so obvious Britain wasnt rich and strong “for real”. I mean, the place doesnt have natural resources such as coal, gas or diamonds. It doesnt have factories… It doesnt have the amount of tourists other countries have (London being the only exception)…. Where did all the wealth come from??? Of course it wasnt real, I know nothing about economy but I always suspected that much. The only thing the UK didnt seem short of were banks. And millions of people with zillions of credit cards living far beyond their limits, spending, spending, spending, and fuelling those banks… Now the scam has been exposed and the country has collapsed, deflated like a baloon… It’s tragic, but the air of London has a better smell… Call it a coincidence

Kate Winslet has won TWO Golden Globes. Now, I love her, she’s great, but isn’t it a bit much? I mean, I’m fairly sure she would have been over the moon with one award, and they could have given the second one to another actress… I would have thought it common sense but hey, I must be wrong.

A plane has made an emergency landing on the Hudson River. No deaths. Every single pilot inteviewed on tv said, “you see, all of you who dont read the safety card on your seat pocket and listen to your ipod while the air hostess makes her little demonstration about life vests! You see! Here’s the proof you MUST always pay attention!!!” Pity the same pilots then add that this accident had a particularly happy ending because water is as hard as concrete when you hit it after falling from the sky, and usually planes just disintegrate.. I think I’ll go on listening to my music during safety demonstrations… And practice tying a life vest’s strap around my waist at home

Sally Fields is a damn good actress. Calista Flockhart is weird and odd but not as annoying as Ellen Pompeo in Grey’s Anatomy. My favourite Desperate Housewife is Bree (but also Linnette). MAd Men has the best art direction I’ve ever seen on TV. And I watch far too many series!

I can’t stand English people who always end their sentences with an UP intonation, as if there was a question at the end. I think this is really annoying? And I wish they would realise how daft that sounds? And put a full stop at the end of their phrases? Or, better, just shut up?


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