YES YOU CAN!!!!!!!!!

I’m really worried. It’s been by far the best reality show ever broadcast on TV. Every night, no matter what time I’d finish work, I could switch CNN on and there it’d be, the US presidential elections! Oh, wow, this show had the best writers ever. The characters were brilliant. The witty african-american is better looking than the black doctor in Grey’s Anatomy. The short grandpa-type who fought in Vietnam who thinks socialist is a swear word, oh he’s funny. And that weird woman he came up with, who says dammit every 5 seconds? A masterpiece… Singletons like myself, who eat their dinner in front of the telly, need to rely on some good Tv to keep them company. And the US election has been so exciting, so totally addictive, I’ve been tempted to tape these last few days of CNN specials and watch them back in 2009. I’m going to stay up all night on the 4th, but then at some point it will all be finished and it’s going to be sadder than the last episode of Friends. Mind you, fairly soon Sarah Palin is going to start preparing her 2012 campaign against Hilary Clinton. Now, THAT is going to be premium comedy!

But let’s try and be serious for a sec. To all my American friends: please, please when you vote tomorrow, think of the rest of the world. Please make the US once again a country people can dream about… A country where things change, society changes. A country where one hundred and fifty years ago people killed each other to defend the right to have african slaves, but where now a black person can become president. Oh, it would mean that Martin Luther KIng and Malcom X didn’t die for nothing! Whoever in the world is plotting horrible crimes against the Western world will have so much trouble dipicting the US as the evil conquerer, with Obama as a leader. If Americans will let McCain win, the rest of the world on Wednesday will wake up and give up on them. We won’t be able to understand, sorry. Nobody could be so daft to miss such an opportunity. Four years ‘ago when I turned the TV on and found out Bush had been elected, for the SECOND time, I thought it was a bad dream. I remember the spaced out faces of the people I met at the newsagent’s, and one of the UK paper’s front page, opening with the following title, in capital letters: OH MY GOD. Another paper made an offer to all the states where the Democrats had voted: if you want to be British colonies again, we’ll take you back! Four more years of Bush weren’t possible, made no sense at all. But this time, it’d be a million times worse. We’re all waiting for this amazing thing to happen… Please, please…. think of the world!!!!!

Americans, this series has been so good… Don’t let a crap ending ruin it for us. Write a happy ending…

YES YOU CAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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