Lost in cyberspace

To all those people who manage to write their blog daily, update their website, keep friends informed on their nights out on facebook or myspace and chat nonstop on messanger and skype… WHEN THE HELL DO YOU FIND THE TIME???? Are you ever away from your computer? Do you work? In the past few weeks I’ve been trying to update this blog but I find that half of the day just goes. And then I have my acting website to keep posted (dream on). My profile on voice123 to check in case somebody should offer me work. And, hey, I can’t forget my dating website, in case the love of my life shows up (dream on even more). Last week a friend asked me why I wasn’t on Facebook and I screamed NO WAY! (I must have thought I was mad). Not another addictive online occupation! I haven’t touched my novel or written a short story in months, I have recordings to do, auditions to prepare, I want to be able to go to the gym and, hopefully, have time for some social life. So I have vowed to avoid Facebook like the plague. Sorry Rupert. Sorry Billy. Sorry Sam… Give me a call instead, will you?

The sad thing is that most people – including myself – tend to spend lots of time online when/if they don’t have MUCH of a social life (with the exception of my friend Billy, who I know has a FAB social life, hanging out with Joss Stone and similar but still manages to update his Facebook profile). The reason I negelcted my blog last month was that I was in a play. Rehearsals, shows, after-show drinks… Real life is much more fun than cyber life, let’s admit it. I tend to update my websites when I’m in front of the telly, on my own, and I want to have the illusion/delusion to be communicating with people. So, is it what we all are guys? A bunch of lonely sods?

The other sad thing I do on my own is trying to take pictures of myself. Underneath you’ll see what is by far my best shot, and with this, my cyber friends, I’ll stop and go to the gym!!! To meet REAL people…



3 thoughts on “Lost in cyberspace

  1. Lara, bello il blog! Abbiamo visto i tuoi filmati…in alcuni sei spiccicata a sex and the city!!!!
    La cami, che dormiva sul divano, è arrivata di corsa con ciuccio e paietto per vederti in tele…bella la zia lara!

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