romeo and Juliet

romeo-and-juliet-flyer-f.jpg  This is my latest theatre effort. Romeo and Juliet set against the background of Mussolini’s Italy. The fascist regime in 1938 passed a law forbidding Jews to marry Catholics. I know something about it as thanks to that law my Jewish grandmother almost ended up in a concentration camp (together with my dad who was then very little).

I’m playing Romeo’s mum, a widow with a soft spot for younger blood – or so it seems….

It’s been a fantastic journey, especially thanks to some great colleagues. It’s so rare to work with a group of people who are all so nice, funny and professional at the same time. No big egos, no primadonnas, no personality clashes… It seems almost impossible! It makes going to the theatre every night such a pleasure – despite the fact Greenwich is totally on the other side of London, which means relying on the dreadful Northern Line and on the even more dreadful overland train…

Being cast as an older character was a but of a shock to the system – after years and years spent playing young girls – but time does go by and I suppose it’s good to discover that I can actually be believeble in the part of a mother. Even though as soon as the opportunity arises, in the Queen Mab speech, I suddenly take the chance and go all sexy, playful and kitten like. I can’t help it!

Here are some production pictures







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