Back from the US (1st part)

Hello there, I’ve just come back from a long trip to the US and I’m still jet lagged and shocked by the temperature change. It’s about 14 C in London and last night I switched the heating on. IN AUGUST!!!!!!! I feel depression coming up…

But hey, I’m off to the Edinburgh Festival tomorrow, where it will probably be snowing but at least I’ll be distracted by LOTS of shows I’m planning to go and see.

But back to my American trip… It started in Chicago, which is an amazing city, sort of a mini-NewYork but more human. The pace is slower than in the Big Apple and the lake and canals surrounding the buildings make water a very strong presence. Water has the ability to change cities, to give them a magical allure, a hazier atmosphere.


I love reflections, mirrors, thresholds where reality stops and illusion starts. And architects in Chicago have played a lot with this concept – lots of glass around and, in Millennium Park, a sort of gigantic egg reflecting the whole skyline on its surface… As if the city had been stolen and held prisoner in a round container…


And of course, when it comes to water, well… I never say no to a bit of fun!


The buldings are elegant, beautiful, at the very end of the Magnificent Mile, where streets open into a sort of clearing, I had the feeling of being in front of the modern version of a Renaissance “piazza”, where facades challanged each other, offering visitors a feast of beautiful architectural details.

In Chicago I met up with David, a guy I’ve been working for but never met, and he drove us around showing us very interesting neighborhoods just outside the centre that we would have never discovered as tourists, especially Wicker Park, which reminded me of Park Slope in Brooklyn.

Next up… Utah! But I need time to writE about that, so… you’ll have to wait until the next post!


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